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"Where's all the guys? ...[Xenia is] a sexist sow." -James Huffman-Scott (Idaho, USA)

"An extremely creative idea." -Rachel M. (Texas, USA)

"[Xenia's] a very good writer...and photographer too" -Michael Atkinson (Idaho, USA)

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It's GORGEOUS." -Christel Warren (Massachusetts, USA)

"The pics are perfect, the poetry is perfect, the comments are perfect!" -Silvia Gervasio (Art Academy student in Italy)

"Truly Amazing! That is all I can say about it! It is TRULY AMAZING!" -Beki Lorraine (Victoria, Australia)

"Such an amazingly creative idea. [Xenia] never cease to amaze me with [her] talent and wonderful eye for beauty." -Emi Kidman (Ohio, USA)

"Xenia Huffman-Scott's work is awesome." -John V. (Washington, USA)